We all care about the safety of our children!

What should be the playground? The first it should be safety. This is achieved by polishing and cleansing of all wooden structures and welds. The bearing constructions of playgrounds should be as strong and resilient. When designing a playground must first bothered about the absence of sharp corners and the reliability of connections.
When equipping playgrounds special attention should be paid to their appearance. The playgrounds should be bright and interesting to interest the child. Such playgrounds will be not only interesting to children, but also will become the real decoration of the yard, cottages, guest houses, garden or park.
or the youngest children, consider the area where they could play without the intervention of adults. Such areas have to have safe and simple constructions. For the development of the kids is the best fabulous houses, small slides, mazes and sandbox.

The main criteria of our work:

• efficiency,

• Quality,

• competence,

• individual approach to each client,

• the variety of choices.

We aim to organize the play space and recreational areas as comfortable and modern, considering all wishes of our clients.

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